MandR System Capabilities Expansion to Include Intermodal Equipment Beyond Chassis Fleets

Seamless M&R management for chassis, trailers, containers, reefers and gensets

Consolidated Intermodal Technologies (CIT), a leading developer of innovative and proprietary asset optimization platform technology solutions, today announces its Maintenance and Repair System (MandR) capabilities have expanded to include a wide variety of international and domestic intermodal equipment types.

Initially focused on chassis repairs, CIT’s powerful MandR platform will now allow customers to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their M&R needs for their entire international and domestic intermodal fleets, including chassis, trailers, containers, reefers and gensets with just one easy-to-use tool.

“CIT has continued its product development strategy by further enhancing our MandR System application to expand beyond chassis and accommodate a wide variety of intermodal equipment types. We are steadfastly committed to staying on the course, building our platform to meet the needs of the marketplace as well as our customers,” said Tom Martucci, VP and CTO, CIT.  “This expansion illustrates CIT’s commitment to help our customers save money, reduce administrative time and minimize errors all while improving efficiency.”

To help reduce redundancies and human error, CIT’s MandR system intuitively matches damage type with appropriate repairs for each equipment category. For example, a user would not be able to request a tire to be put on a container. As a result, the system prevents incorrect repairs from being generated and administrative costs are mitigated as errors are eliminated.

Designed to keep assets in service, in compliance and on the road while keeping expenditures down, MandR is an easy-to-use maintenance and repair system with a proven track record of reducing job processing time by more than 50%.  MandR also optimizes productivity with enhanced OOS management tools such as configurable alerts based on equipment event occurrences and by highlighting vendor repair redundancies and waste. MandR solutions include Job Order Management, Damage Rebilling, Mobile Repair Auditing and Consignment.

“At CIT, our goal is to offer an innovative platform with powerful capabilities that can help our customers for all of their equipment types, whether domestic or international,” added Mr. Martucci. “Our MandR product has the controls in place to prevent incorrect repairs from being generated, and ensures the right vendor is doing the work on the correct piece of equipment at the right price, avoiding costly errors and driving efficiencies.”

Driven by its proprietary and innovative technology platform, CIT products and solutions are designed for quick and easy onboarding with the goal of swiftly arming fleet managers with powerful tools that combat daily pain points and deliver quantifiable value. Built to be flexible, the CIT platform meets the diverse supply chain needs of fleet managers of any size, including equipment providers, motor carriers, railroad operators, IMC’s, shippers and terminal operators across the U.S.

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