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Antiquated, complicated billing systems often produce inaccurate bills and drain admin time. The CIT Billing Product provides you with the tool to automate and streamline your process, minimize the risk of human error, ensure accuracy and efficiency.

For equipment providers who wish to bill on a per diem model, the Billing Product utilizes your gate transaction information, assigns days to be billed on equipment, and bills at the rates you set and customize in your system.

CIT Billing


  • Configurable invoice generation and distribution

  • Increased billing accuracy

  • To date, system has issued invoices on over 4 million shipments

  • Receive and track real-time usage data; generate invoices to be automatically emailed to customers

  • Customize billing preferences, including discounted rates, split billing and billing cycles

  • Interface with your financial systems

  • Other features including insurance, late penalty, over utilization and depreciated value billing as well as 3rd party billing, adjustments and issuing credit or charge

  • Spend less time processing manual items and tasks

  • Automated invoicing resulting in increased billing accuracy

  • Decreased human error and billing disputes

CIT Billing