As the supply chain’s reliance on technology grows and the gaps in the current offerings become clearer, CIT brings to market a proven, cost-effective platform designed to manage assets, streamline maintenance and repair and support unique business operations through highly configurable and scalable software previously only available through Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), the largest neutral chassis pool manager in the United States.

CCM’s CIT Group has spent more than 15 years developing and refining its proprietary technology to consistently improve and optimize the CCM chassis pool management systems. CCM has been successfully using this technology to manage pool operations to drive cost savings, improve utilization, enhance visibility and
reduce redundancies.

CIT-Where our asset optimization experience converges with our supply chain technology expertise.

Technology cannot and should not completely replace the human aspect. CIT brings together unmatched fleet optimization experience with state-of-the-art technology to offer solutions that will build and strengthen your operations.


We understand the unique day-to-day challenges of today’s overtaxed operations team.
With the CIT platform, our customers can move away from legacy applications or solutions that fall short.
Our CIT solutions resolve pain points such as:

  • High out of service levels

  • Rising fleet maintenance and repair costs

  • Lack of proper visibility
  • Excessive administrative costs

  • Inefficient workflows

  • Low driver production with high frustration levels

  • Antiquated processes

CIT provides your team with the software to perform better – reduce repair expenses, minimize time and administration spent on manual work, and increase visibility into processes and productivity levels. We believe by utilizing the right technology solution, it will act as a driver in realizing fluidity, and allow for increased focus on customer service and new opportunities.