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Seamless M&R management for your chassis, containers, trailers, gensets and reefers – in one tool.

Built by supply chain professionals, CIT’s M&R Product, MandR, is an easy-to-use, configurable, economic maintenance and repair system with a proven track record of significantly reducing job processing time. It also optimizes productivity with enhanced OOS management tools and reducing costs by identifying repair redundancies and waste.

Whether a customer utilizes MandR on its own or as a plug-in to a broader system, the platform is designed to be configurable to meet specific maintenance and repair needs. The wide range of configuration capabilities alleviate the need to invest in cost-prohibitive systems built from scratch.

MandR removes the guesswork. Clear concise communication across your entire team from the job order estimate to the unit going back into service. Get the repairs done right the first time.

Maintenance and Repair


  • Dedicated team focused on you whether by live chat, phone or email

  • The ultimate tool for an M&R team to ensure streamlined communications, accountability, productivity and, most importantly, safe equipment

  • MandR’s job order process has a proven track record of significantly reducing the time between estimate and repair, minimizing asset out-of-service time while freeing up admin resources, reducing human error and minimizing repetitive manual tasks

  • Streamlined processes with cost-control and efficiency-enhancing solutions that optimize your fleet and increase the productivity of your M&R team

  • Facilitate efficient repair flow while tracking parts and mechanic down time in one system to keep your team and your units moving


Job Order Management

Job Order Management

With a best-in-class systematic approach of processing and completing jobs orders, CIT’s Job Order Management solution ensures that every order can be monitored and managed in a timely manner so that asset downtimes are minimized while lowering unnecessary costs.

  • Customers can utilize CIT’s built-in templates and back-end configurations that have been designed and perfected with over 10 years of M&R data

  • Ability to upload and attach pictures to job orders

  • Reduction in redundant, unnecessary repairs with full visibility into part and time tracking

  • Validations, error messages, ability to stop double billing, capture repairs within redundancy period

  • Centralized maintenance and repair data for your units

  • MandR identifies and flags key areas of focus to highlight how maintenance money is being spent

  • Streamlined repair flow and effortless FMCSA compliance

  • Ensure the right team members are on each repair whether they are certified for brakes, FMCSA or working on their certifications

Damage Rebilling

Damage Rebilling

Typically a time-consuming process, the MandR Damage Rebilling solution eliminates the complexity and offers a simple, straightforward process to ensure accuracy and facilitate swift reimbursement.

  • Easily identify re-billable damage on your equipment

  • Invoice appropriate parties for damages

  • Effectively manage attachments and supporting documentation

  • Accelerate your dispute resolution processes



Keeping your assets on the road and in compliance is key to keeping the cargo and your business moving. The MandR auditing solution provides visibility into patterns that may be slowing you down.

  • Quick, easy access to accurate data

  • Mobile capabilities to perform audits in the field

  • Post-repair audit, pre-inspection audit

  • Access to unit information on recent repairs

  • Visibility into repairs, damage location, action taken on action items for vendors

  • Rejected repairs require photos of incorrect repairs

Parts Consignment

Manage and control your cash flow and inventory the way that makes the most sense for your business. Avoid paying up front for inventory, manual invoicing processes and tedious inventory management practices through the Parts Consignment solution.

  • Cut down on cash flow issues

  • Stock parts without large capital outlay

  • Built-in checks and balances for inventory

  • High visibility into parts usage

  • Increased data quality, invoicing procedures, and reduced human error