Developed by supply chain experts, the user-friendly asset management system is fully configurable and scalable. It includes a portfolio of proven products and services that maximize fleet utilization, improve cargo turnaround times, data accuracy and enhance levels of visibility.

Don’t accept inefficient workflows, escalating M&R costs, outdated admin processes and lack of proper visibility, which undoubtedly slow down operations and dramatically impact profitability. The CIT Platform allows you to quickly and efficiently optimize your operations, freeing up precious time and valuable resources while driving productivity, reducing costs and minimizing risks and errors.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, workarounds and overtaxed operations teams

User-friendly, intuitive platform appeals to asset managers of all sizes looking to get more out of their current system. Whether it’s to upgrade an existing platform or shift away from a spreadsheet system, customers benefit from CIT’s combination of proprietary technology and unmatched supply chain technology expertise.

CIT’s innovative products and solutions have a proven track record of improving efficiency by addressing key pain points, including fleet utilization, cargo turnaround times, billing and administrative issues and visibility.


Maintenance & Repair


Equipment Tracking & Monitoring
Maximize asset productivity with visibility into equipment movement from gate in to gate out

Equipment Tracking & Monitoring

Reporting & Analysis
Transform your business by leveraging your data

Reporting & Analysis

Toll Management
Improve toll payment processes, lower administrative expenses and eliminate costly late fees

Toll Management

Reduce administrative time, increase accuracy and minimize billing disputes


Job Order Management
Monitor and manage job orders to minimize downtimes and reduce unnecessary expense

Damage Rebilling
Simple, straightforward process to ensure accuracy and facilitate swift reimbursement

Damage Rebilling

Provides visibility into patterns that may be slowing down your business


Parts Consignment
Manage and control your cash flow and inventory without tedious, manual processes

Parts Consignment
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  • Cost-effective implementation- No need to develop and incur high cost of building a system from scratch

  • Quick and easy onboarding

  • Knowledgeable business engagement team, training and support

  • User-friendly streamlined processes with configurable and scalable capabilities

  • Robust utilization tracking

  • Complete gate-in to gate-out management

  • Full visibility to equipment tracking data and repair process

  • Automate data entry with configurable flags and alerts for human intervention

  • Interactive, scheduled and automated reporting enabling increased data accuracy

  • Full audit history reporting capabilities

  • Updates of fleet attributes including licensing, inspection, ownership

  • Customizable alerts based on equipment event occurrences