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The Asset Management Product helps efficiency-driven, fiscally responsible fleet operators manage their fleet better and more effectively, supporting theirs and their customer’s unique business requirements within intermodal freight transport. A cost effective, configurable and scalable system, the Asset Management Product has a proven track record of improving fleet utilization, improving turnaround times, and providing increased levels of visibility on equipment usage.

CIT Asset Management


  • Streamlined processes

  • Improved asset productivity

  • Reduced admin costs=enhanced profit margin

  • Improved visibility

  • Improved data quality

  • Ease of use, configurable, scalable user friendly experience

  • Open API for fleet and tracking data

  • Full visibility to equipment tracking data and repair process

  • Full life cycle management; from gate in to gate out

  • Ability to manage fleet attributes

  • Inspections, licensing, renumber history, ownership change


Equipment Tracking & Monitoring

Equipment Tracking & Monitoring

Complete visibility into equipment movement from gate in to gate out to ensure maximized productivity to meet the timing needs of your customer

  • Tracking data and repair processes

  • Complete control of your assets from gate in to gate out

  • Establish connectivity with each of your locations

  • Receive equipment tracking events including mount, dismount, In Gate, Out Gate

  • Provide downstream systems move data

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Information is key in today’s shifting landscape, and it’s what you do with that information that counts. Get value out of your data so you can transform it into real results.

  • Robust suite of customizable report tools

  • Equipment tracking reporting

  • Process and receive all EDI transactions

  • Full audit history with capability to generate back-in-time reports

  • Run reports on an as-needed basis to download as a spreadsheet, or set automated scheduled report to be run and delivered via email

  • Select numerous filters and save for future reuse

Toll Management

Toll Management

With a fully automated, end-to-end approach, CIT’s Toll Management significantly improves toll payment process while effectively lowering operating expenses by eliminating costly late fees and time spent on manual implementation.

  • Reduce time spent on processing collection and payment of tolls

  • Register your entire fleet in the system to monitor tolling

  • Determines responsible party for the toll and collects toll expenses