Digitizing the chassis business

Make no mistake about it. The chassis business is tough. Keeping a chassis available and knowing where the chassis is (and has been) and what it will be doing next is difficult to track. Making sure that it is road-worthy requires constant care and attention to detail and doing that all cost effectively is challenging. That’s where Consolidated Intermodal Technologies comes in.

Back in April, Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), a well-known neutral chassis pool manager based in New Jersey, unveiled a new division, Consolidated Intermodal Technologies – CIT for short.

As the name implies, CIT is all about technology. Technology is not a word bandied about much when talking about chassis – trucks – yes, even the containers mounted on the chassis, but in a business like chassis pool management, legacy systems working in data silos prevail.

Consolidated Intermodal Technologies (see CITInnovations.com) is out to change that paradigm with a technology initiative built on a robust platform that integrates chassis pool data into customizable user-friendly systems. And almost as importantly, CIT’s products are designed to interface virtually with all existing systems enabling for widescale adoption.

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