Consolidated Chassis Management’s technology group to become a new division named Consolidated Intermodal Technologies (CIT)

Consolidated Chassis Enterprises, parent company of Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), the leading neutral chassis pool manager in the United States, today announced that CCM’s technology group will become a new division named Consolidated Intermodal Technologies (CIT). Formerly CCM’s CIT Group, the company will bring to a broader market the proprietary state-of-the-art technology that has been optimizing CCM’s chassis pool operations through tens of millions of transactions.  Tom Martucci will lead the new CCE technology initiative as the CTO of CIT and will continue to serve as VP and CTO of CCM. 

“CCM is committed to evolving with the supply chain by leveraging our strengths: our technology and our people. The launch of CIT allows CCM’s proven proprietary technology and powerful platform fill a significant void in the market with a cutting-edge technology solution,” said Mike Wilson, CEO of CCM and CIT. “Our experience plus our research tells us that many asset managers are bogged down with legacy applications that do not fully address their pain points. CIT will launch our multi-product, multi-solution platform to meet these needs.” 

As the technology behind CCM’s asset management system, the CIT platform has a proven track record of driving efficiencies, improving utilization and productivity, reducing redundancies and enhancing visibility. The user-friendly, intuitive asset management system streamlines workflows and upgrades administrative systems while supporting unique business operations through highly configurable and scalable software. Built to be flexible, the CIT platform is aimed to meet the diverse supply chain needs of fleet managers of any size, including equipment providers, motor carriers, railroad operators, IMC’s, and terminal operators across the U.S. 

“We recognized that the CIT platform could bridge the gap between high tech and low tech. The system was built by CCM’s technology group in collaboration with our pool managers over the last 15 years, so we are in the unique position of experiencing first-hand the operational challenges of managing a fleet,” said Tom Martucci, CTO of CIT. “Now we are making the platform available to other fleet managers looking to fully optimize their assets, digitally transform their operations and grow their business.” 

Designed to keep assets in service, in compliance and on the road, while keeping expenditures down, CIT offers a portfolio of three products powered by the platform: Asset Management, Maintenance & Repair (MandR) and Billing Management, each offering specific solutions to address particular challenges that impede efficient operations.

  • Asset Management: A comprehensive suite of powerful asset management functionalities that can be bundled or utilized separately; each capability module can easily be configured to suit the exact user and business requirements of the customer. Asset management solutions include equipment tracking and monitoring, reporting and analysis and toll management.  
  • Maintenance & Repair (MandR): An easy-to-use maintenance and repair system with a proven track record of reducing job processing time in many instances by more than 50%.  MandR also optimizes productivity with enhanced OOS management tools such as configurable alerts based on equipment event occurrences and by highlighting repair redundancies and waste. MandR solutions include job order management, damage rebilling, mobile repair auditing and parts consignment. 
  • Billing Management: Enables consistent usage billing capabilities so users can quickly configure invoice generation and distribution as well as customize pricing at multiple levels with pre-billing validation. It has a standard interface that easily integrates with existing financial systems. The result is a reduction in manual processing with decreased errors and quality tracking data resulting in increased billing accuracy.

Providing a wide range of outstanding benefits, the CIT advantage enables fleet managers to reach new levels of productivity never before realized. CIT’s roots go deep into asset management excellence supporting customers with a dedicated customer service team at every step — from quick and easy onboarding, training to comprehensive support. Helping efficiency-driven, fiscally responsible fleet managers do their jobs better, the CIT platform and products portfolio offers a powerful approach to proficient asset management that lowers costs, saves time and significantly improves accuracy.

About CIT

CIT offers an innovative asset optimization technology platform. Developed by supply chain technology experts, the CIT platform is scalable and configurable to meet the diverse supply chain needs of equipment providers, motor carriers, railroad operators, IMC’s, and terminal operators across the U.S.  CIT’s product portfolio is designed to enhance efficiency, elevate productivity, increase visibility, and improve workflows and processes while lowering expenses and eliminating time-consuming redundancies. To learn more, please visit

About CCM

CCM is the leading cooperative chassis pool manager, managing the combined fleet of multiple contributors to provide maximum equipment availability and facilitate ease of participation to all involved in intermodal freight transport. CCM supports all chassis provisioning models and brings together an experienced Logistics and M&R staff strategically stationed throughout each region. CCM is committed to high quality and reliable equipment to meet customers’ needs. 


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